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Cardamom Neck - English

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The neckwarmer is worked from the back towards the front-part. Stitches are cast on with Italian cast-on and worked in twisted rib. Afterwards the back-piece is worked in double broken rib until it is finished. Stitches are closed off to part the back-piece in two shoulder pieces. The shoulders are worked separately, with increases to create the neckline. The shoulder-pieces are joined to create the front piece. The front piece is worked in double broken rib with decreases and finished with a twisted rib edge and an Italian cast-off. Finally, stitches are picked up along the edge of the neck and worked in twisted rib. The neckline is finished with double knit and italiansk cast-off.

Washed and blocked the gauge should be 20-21 stitches x 32 rows = 10 x 10 cm in double broken rib, to achieve the measurements listed in this pattern. We achieve this gauge on 3.5 - 4 mm needles, but make sure to find the correct needle-size for you.

One size.

Approx. 37 cm.

Length in front:
Approx. 38 cm (can be adjusted).

20-21 sts x 32 rows = 10 x 10 cm in double broken rib.

3,5/4 mm circular needles with 40 cm wire.

Yarn suggestion:
Light version: Lana Gatto VIP (50 g = 200 m) + Silk mohair (25 g = 200 m)
Chunky version: Lana Gatto VIP Maxi (50 g = 100 m)

150 g VIP + 50-75 g Silk mohair.
250 g VIP Maxi.

Other tools & materials:
Tapestry needle, scrap yarn / stitchholder, stitchmarkers.

Yarn used for our neckwarmers:
Light grey/beige:
1 strand Lana Gatto VIP in color A4953 French Oak + 1 strand Lana Gatto silk mohair in color A4953 French Oak.

Dark brown:
1 strand Lana Gatto VIP Maxi in color 19053 Black Coffee.

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