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Pachira Sweater - English

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The sweater is knitted form the top down. Stitches are cast on with Judy’s magic cast on. Half the stitches make up the back piece, while the other half make up the shoulder pieces and some of the neckline. The back piece is worked flat and initially with short rows. Afterwards the left and right shoulder pieces are worked, also with short rows and then increases to create the edge of the neck. The shoulder pieces are joined to create the front piece, which is then joined with the back piece to create the body. The body is worked in the round and finished with a rib edge and an Italian cast off.
Stitches are picked up along the edge of the neck, worked in rib and knitted down to create a double folded neckline. Finally, the sleeves are worked with short rows and in the round in the braided cable pattern and finished with a rib edge and an Italian cast off.

The sweater can be knitted in 3 different sizes: S-M (L-XL) 2XL-3XL, giving the sweater a circumference of 114 (133) 152 cm. The sweater is designed to be oversized with a positive ease of 20-30 cm but can be made with a larger or smaller positive ease, depending on which fit you prefer.


20 stitches x 24 rows = 10 x 10 cm in the cable pattern. 

3.5 and 4.5/5 mm circular needles with 40 and 100 cm wire.

Yarn suggestion:
Mayflower London Merino (50 g = 120 m) together with Mayflower Super Kid Silk (25 g = 195 m)
Mayflower Easy Care Classic (50 g = 106 m) together with Mayflower Super Kid Silk (25 g = 195 m).

550 (650) 750 g London Merino or Easy Care Classic.
175 (200) 225 g Super Kid Silk.

Other tools:
Tapestry needle, scrap yarn/stitch holder, stitchmarkers.

Our sweaters are knitted in:
The white: Mayflower London Merino color 003 egshell + Mayflower Super kid silk color 06 offwhite.
The brown: Mayflower London Merino color 007 chocolate + Mayflower Super kid silk color 58 dusty brown.
The blue: Mayflower Easy Care Classic color 242 Persian Jewel + Mayflower Super kid silk color 109 easter-purple.

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